Don't overthink it. Let us design a plan for you. 

Short Term Solutions

Weather - Rain, Heat, Snow, Wind...whatever type of shade Mother Nature could throw your way, we can protect you. 

Event Cancellation coverage exists to protect against scenarios that are unforeseeable or out of your control that cause the cancellation or postponement of your event; Adverse Weather, Power Outage, Tropical Cyclones, Access to Venue Cutoff, Terrorist Threats, Communicable Disease.

Long Term Solutions


Income Stabilization - If your revenue is directly tied to the will of mother nature. Income Stabilization is affordable and most importantly it can supplement your income.


A tubing outfitter is concerned about low rainfall upstream which affects the levels/releases from a local reservoir, thus affecting flow rates, thus affecting his bottom line. In this scenario, we have two options:

Option 1: Policy measuring rainfall from April-September. If rainfall is below average, the policy pays.

Option 2: Policy measuring flow rates (cfs) from April-September. If flow rates drop below threshold, the policy pays.


** To get premium cheaper, we could insure only weekends/holidays during the time period (when most money is made).

Protect Your Bottom Line